Proposed Boardwalk Pathway

With release of LSU Lakes Master Plan, Finding Funding Now Becomes Focus


After more than a year of planning, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation on Thursday evening released its master plan to rehabilitate the LSU Lakes at a public meeting attended by about 300 people.

The plan is ambitious—it includes dredging, creating a sediment bypass system as well as new bike and walking paths, forming new wetlands, expanding Milford Wampold Memorial Park and building a new May Street Park, among other aspects—and will take years to come to fruition. But perhaps the biggest challenge is coming up with the money to see the plan to fruition.

The price tag, originally estimated to be $100 million, has since been lowered to $40 million or so. During this year’s legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration included the full $40 million for the project in the state’s construction budget. However, lawmakers stripped all but $13 million from it—and of that, only $3 million is guaranteed to materialize this year...

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